Artist Statement  

My practice examines relationships between human beings and technology as well as technologies relationship to the natural world. Exploring these themes is a way for me to better understand the mechanical and to repurpose. I am a photo based artist working in analog and digital photography, and my practice frequently branches into video as well as sculptural installation. My photographic process involves a level of abstraction, where the image or original source is transformed through layers of technological manipulation, or software based experimentation that degrades and alters the image. This abstract manipulation of the image often bears similarity with painting on a formal level: marks, gestural qualities, colour, and composition. The relationship between painting and photography is a subtext throughout my work.

My work often begins in a flux of collection. Iā€™m interested in collection because it helps me conceptually and formally to understand and develop patterns between objects. I gather objects and photographs based around certain ideas and research. This notion of collection is often variant, in some works this process is about collecting photographs from a specific location over a period of time, while in other cases, it examines objects that people collect and how these small trinkets reflect their personality. As a whole, collection acts as a time capsule, it is both a preservation for the future, and an examination of the historically preserved. Collection is also shifting in the digital age as preservation become increasingly mediated through a technological platform or database. Thus, my interest in image processing technologies when juxtaposed with my interest in collection ties into the larger debate about the digital archive; how artifacts, both personal and museological are preserved for the future. However, my abstracted and altered images explore the cracks between literal archival preservation, and the aesthetic image.

The moment in my practice that I begin to digitally abstract is when I embrace the unexpected and unplanned. This digital abstraction not only speaks about the medium of photography in an unconventional manner, it also bears meaning upon the actual subjects or images depicted in each work. I want my works to sit in this juncture between conceptual research and medium based inquiry. I want these works to intrigue, to spark an interest through formal qualities, details and, harmonies. I want to confuse and have a moment of pause.  And beyond, into the conceptual to maybe reflect on the digital image and the possibilities it contains.